Skin Tags
Skin tags are harmless benign skin growths that resemble a small piece of hanging skin.  Obesity can make people more prone to skin tags or they can be hereditary. Not all causes are known.   Friction is thought to be the most common cause.  Skin tags can develop in both men and women. Whilst it is true to say that some smaller skin tags may disappear on their own, most tags do not disappear and become permanent. 

Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body,  Often they are found on the neck, underarms, groin, under the breasts and between the legs Usually where the skin rubs against skin.

Skin tags can affect persons of all ages but are usually found in adults from middle age on.  Skin tag removal is permanent, but new growths may appear periodically. 

Skin Tag Treatments
A very fine disposable needle is inserted at the base of the skin tag and an electrical current is applied which cuts of the blood supply to the skin tag. Lack of blood supply causes the tag to dry up and fall off within a few days.  Some larger tags may take longer to fall off.  Once a tag disappears it will not return. 


​Advance Electrolysis is the preferred procedure for warts on the face. A fine needle is used with an electric current to simply cut and cauterise the wart. This cuts off the blood supply. This non-invasive procedure gives immediate results without leaving any permanent scarring and is the best way of ensuring that the wart does not return.

A price cannot be given without knowing your exact requirements. Please send a photograph and as much information as you can.

Thread Veins

Thread Vein removal from the cheeks and nose is offered. Regretfully we cannot perform this procedure on the legs.


A benign Mole removal service is also offered. The cost is dependent on the size of the Mole. Please note: all Moles will need to be examined by a Health Practitioner, Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist before treatment can begin.

Health Questionnaire

Please note all clients will be required to complete a Health Questionnaire  before each treatment.

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What does the treatment involve?

A fine probe discharges a small electrical current to the mole, wart or skin tag, causing it to dry up.

What happens afterwards?

The area will form a scab which will last for a few days and should be left to come away from the skin naturally to avoid the risk of scarring.

Is any preparation needed?

Clients are advised to consult their GP or Medical Practitioner before undergoing treatment.

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