Specialists in Advanced Electrolysis, Hair and Beauty 

Whatever your waxing needs, from Brazilian Wax to a Hollywood Wax, I will do it competently & professionally.

Prior to treatment the area will be cleansed using a specially  formulated cleansing lotion. A high quality cream wax is then applied and the unwanted hair is  removed. A soothing after wax lotion is used to reduce sensitivity and calm the skin.


                              Benefits of Salon Waxing
· Hairs become sparse over time
· Waxing slows down hair growth
· Waxing helps keep the skin looking naturally smooth
· Waxing eliminates stubble growth and lasts 4-6                  weeks; Shaving lasts 1-2 days

Face  Waxing - Lip, Chin, Jaw and Cheeks
Eyebrow Waxing - Includes consultation on eyebrow shape
Brazilian Waxing - “the landing strip!”
Hollywood Waxing - All Off!  Currently the most popular


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